Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Questionable Taste

At the adoption event last weekend, I was given a rescue t-shirt and declared an "official" volunteer.

The t-shirt?

Um ... yeah.

(The rescue had previously focused on dogs; they have only expanded to include cats recently due to overwhelming need in this area.)

I'm ... pretty sure this will be worn at events only.  Ha.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I am so not a fan.. this and the "show me your kitties" one.. really? why do we sexualize companion animals

James P. said...

Ditto Tails comment. I saw the photo of that shirt from the Tractor Supply event and was embarrassed. Couldn't have been a cheerful complier there.....Not everyone has the same type of sense of humor, and I don't think you can assume that most people have a raunchy one.

rockygrace said...

I agree with you guys. I will say that the rescue sold several of those t-shirts at the event Saturday, so the t-shirts are making money that goes to support the animals. And I think sometimes there's a kind of gallows humor that kicks in, like, yeah, we're in a desperate situation, so let's have some fun. and go for biker crowd. Ha.

But! I think the rescue has several different designs for their t-shirts (I haven't been spending time at the adoption center other than to pick up/drop off); these were just the ones available at that particular event. So it's not all crass humor and boob jokes. :)