Monday, September 19, 2016

I'm your ice cream man, stop me when I'm passing by ... (oh my my)

So!  After spending the day Saturday at an adoption event, yesterday it was time to put together the ice cream truck.

First to open the box:

Hmm ... doesn't look TOO complicated:

Easy-to-follow instructions:

Ta-Da!  I had brought Pistol Pete out to the living room to supervise (and because he was driving his Mama Rosalita CRAZY), and when he saw Lord Tinks he floofed up rather dramatically:

In the Foster Room:

Hey Laydee, you want some ice cream?: 

So yes, the ice cream truck is a big hit!  I'll probably rotate it in and out of the room, like I do with most of their toys, so it stays interesting to them.  I paid WAY more for it than I would normally pay for something made of cardboard, but it's so darn cute, I regret nothing.  Ha.

I got good lemonade, ah, dixie cups ...

(sorry, couldn't resist throwing a little Van Halen in there.)