Monday, February 02, 2015

Snow Patrol: Now with Updates!

We got a butt-ton of snow last night.  I figured it would take me a couple of hours to dig out this morning.  Just as I got started shoveling, over came my crazy neighbor L.

With her snowblower.  Right behind her was another neighbor, J., with HIS snowblower.

"I decided it was time to learn how to use this thing!" yelled L.  "All these years, B. (her equally crazy husband, who is no longer able to do physical work) did it!  J.'s showing me how!  I'm gonna use your driveway to practice!"

Well, bless her heart.  Between the two of them, they had my driveway done in about twenty minutes.

Excuse me while I go deliver some fresh-baked sugar cookies.

Neighbors.  They may be crazy, but they've got your back.

Update:  I actually divvied the cookies onto three plates:  One for L., one for J., and one for T., the old lady who lives across the street.  When I took T's cookies to her, she traded for a piece of pumpkin pie.  Win!

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