Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oh, for the love of ...

So, I get this letter in the mail yesterday, from a company called "Homeserve".

The header reads, "Information for (name of my town) homeowners with homes built before 1962."

"Dear (my name),

"This letter is to inform you that the original water service line buried underground on your property was installed before 1962.  If you have not replaced this line, it may be at risk for age-related leaks or ruptures.  We have found that your property is not covered with Exterior Water Line Coverage from us."

You're darn tootin' my property ain't covered!  Water line insurance?  WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK?

The gist of the letter, of course, is that for the low, low monthly rate of only $5.49 per month, I can insure my water lines!  It's a godsend, I tell ya!


I wonder how many of my elderly neighbors bit on this one.  Sheesh.

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