Friday, February 06, 2015

Freaky Friday: Cat Color Chart

Breaking news:  I am alive and happy, and Bob is ... still dead.  HA.  I swear, I would go dance on his grave if I knew where it was.

So, I volunteer for local animal rescue groups, and I do a lot of cat fostering.  And you would not BELIEVE how complicated cat colors can get.

I mean, there's your basic solid-colored cats (except gray cats are called "blues" - erm, okay), and then your two-colored cats (black and white, which are either tuxedos or cow kitties depending on the markings), but then there's tabbies and torties and torbies and calicos and dilute calicos and calibies and blahblahblah it all get confusing REAL QUICK.

So I got a cheat sheet:

I LOVE this chart.  It starts up top with fur shadings and eye colors, and then goes down into the different mixes.  It's the periodic tables of cats.  I hung it in my living room and I spend more time than I care to admit trying to learn all the different variations.  Is fascinating.

And in other freaky news, it was fifteen below in my backyard this morning. I'm sorry, but that sh*t ain't right.  COME ON SPRING!


Domestic Kate said...

Sometimes I wax poetic about living in New York state; then I remember the cold and snow and not seeing the ground for 3 months ...

My kitty's a calico. All I know is that she's the white-on-belly variety.

rockygrace said...

Kate, this morning we are getting a delightful combination of sleet and snow. The traction control light on my dash came on before I even left the driveway. STAY WHERE YOU ARE. :)

Heather said...

Cool Chart, I'm sure I could spend a good amount of time looking at it too!
We have 2 Tabbies and 2 Torts and 1 Tux.