Friday, February 20, 2015

And the drama continues!

I will tell you what, you take a bunch of crazy cat ladies and get them arguing, and the sh*t hits the fan in a MOST spectacular fashion!

After getting very involved in the original and ensuing chaos, I'm gonna kick back for the weekend and see how things play out.

HOWEVER.  It is very likely that a new rescue will form out of all of this.  Anybody got any great names?

Right now I'm strongly favoring Nation of Millions Animal Rescue, but I'm guessing that's probably too militant for the rest of the ladies.  Ha.


Becs said...

The Humane Society volunteers ended up forming three separate rescue groups. I once cat-sat for the president of one who told me that I should "Just let the kittens in this pen die."

And that's why I gave up pet sitting and ended up spending $$$ to try to save a little kitten that died anyway. :(

If you want to get your heart broken, this is one of the ways.

rockygrace said...

Becs, the egos involved in cat rescue are INSANE.

The "new" group is already splintering after one of the women (a) strongly suggested that the rescue be named after her own cat, and (b) commented on facebook that "We'll get along fine as long as you all understand that I'm the Almighty". Of course, she said she was joking, but can you even imagine making a comment like that to people you want to have help you? I just ... yeah, no.

and heartbreaking? Absolutely. I must be an idiot, because I keep putting myself up for it over and over.

~~Silk said...

Yeah. That's why even though I'd like to do something in volunteering around here, I'm avoiding things like soup kitchens, hospice, and animal rescue. Daughter worked with Hospice for a while. She thought she could handle it --- until her client died. I know my limits.

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, I have nothing but respect for the people who get involved with hospice care. I can't even imagine doing that.