Wednesday, February 04, 2015

yeah, yeah, I got nothin'

I know the pickings have been mighty slim around here lately - what can I say?  It's that time of year.

What have I been doing lately?  Well, let's see - workouts continue apace.  I've been alternating ab work with the Jillians, with the result that, just like last year, I can see an actual six-pack lurking somewhere in my middle.  Unfortunately, also just like last year, I continue to eat like a horse, so instead of losing weight I'm gaining it.  HowEVER, I know that once the weather warms up, I will start to LOSE weight, just like every year, so I'm not sweating it.  I would, though, dearly love to see that six-pack before I stop working out in the spring.  JUST ONCE, I'd like to have visible stomach muscles.

The cats are fine; cabin fever has set in.  Every time I shovel the driveway, I also shovel out their habitrail out back.  Tinks, especially, likes to go out there and run around like a mad cat, then come tearing into the house, run around inside, and head right back out for more.  Soda alternates blasting around like he's on fire with sleeping mightily in the cat condo.  Pony continues to pick play-fights with Soda until somebody's yowling and I start to yell.

TV?  Yeah no not much.  Nothing I watch holds my interest, and then I start flipping channels and finally settle on something, ANYthing, to have on while I read.  I did get "Boyhood" from netflix the other day, so we'll see if that's any good. 

Work is work.  I have a meeting at the local community college next week with an advisor to see about returning to school.  Their standard degree offerings don't quite match what I'm interested in, so I am going to need to see if they would be amenable to me designing my own program.  And preliminary results from the finance office would seem to indicate that I will be financing this entirely on my own, so it looks like it might take a little longer to work through.  eh.  We'll see.

I continue my association with the new rescue group - there's a volunteer meeting this weekend, and a bunch of us are going to be attending another rescue's trivia fundraiser in a couple of weeks.  We will also be doing more adoption events soon, and by the time spring rolls around I'm sure I'll be fostering again. 

So!  That's it.  A whole lot of nothin'.  What's up with you?

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