Monday, November 05, 2012

Why do I always buy the WRONG CAR?

I used to drive a Saturn wagon, which was the biggest piece-of-sh*t ever made.  Sweet Jeezus, that car would break down if you LOOKED at it funny.

So when it finally broke down one more time than I was willing to repair, I traded it in.  On a Kia Rondo.  Which they stopped making shortly after I bought mine.  *cue ominous music*.

And it HAD been a pretty good car, cheap-car-wise, until a couple of months ago when it started spewing antifreeze everywhere, and it cost me FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS to replace the hoses.

Saturday?  It started leaking antifreeze AGAIN.

And yes, I know that antifreeze is poisonous and yes, steps have been taken to keep the cats from getting into the leaking antifreeze.

And this afternoon the car goes BACK to the damn garage and holy Mary mother of F*CK I am going to be pissed if I have to buy a new flipping RADIATOR and God only knows what THAT will cost when the damn HOSES cost four hundred bucks and

and I keep thinking of those people in Jersey.  Who have no heat and no food and they're on the news BEGGING for someone to help them.

I'll shut up about the damn car now.

In other news, I was at the adoption center yesterday.  And it was crazy, crazy busy.  Thankfully, there was another volunteer there, so we were able to tag-team the job.  There is one cat there who is ABSOLUTELY not socialized enough yet to be there and should really be in a foster home, but all of the foster homes are full right now.  God, I feel bad for her - I can't even comfort her because if I put a hand near her cage she starts to hiss and spit and swipe. 

And in OTHER sad cat news, on Saturday I was out at the FC's house, where there were nine billion teeny-tiny kittens running around, and I got to cuddle with ALL of them.  Including one very friendly teeny-tiny-weeny orange bit of fluff, who unexpectedly passed away the next day.

It ain't EASY, this rescue business. 

And Wanders?  The foster?  She moved to another foster home.  After five weeks at my place, she was still making no progress in learning to tolerate (or at least ignore) my cats.  And she was obviously unhappy, and I was getting stressed, and poor Ponyboy (the brunt of her ire) STOPPED EATING, and that was when I called the FC and said that Wanders needed to move on.  It's really the best for all of us.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.  And no, I am NOT taking the adoption center hisser and spitter in.  The LAST thing my boys need right now is another angry foster cat.

And let's see, I went to a rummage sale and ran nine billion errands and did not rake the lawn because holy SH*T it was dark out at four o'clock yesterday and why does that surprise me?  It happens every year.

At least it's light out when I get up now.  Ha!  Always look on the bright side, that's me.


fmcgmccllc said...

Sorry about the car. I am a Ford person these days.

Will that cat ever learn to be a sweetie?

rockygrace said...

fmcetc., I used to drive a Ford. (An old Escort wagon.) Maybe it's time to go back. Are parts more readily available for Fords? (With Kia, everything's three days.)

But! I did get some good news! The problem was a loose hose clamp. No charge. Dear car: Please stop leaking now.

I don't know if Wanders will ever be a lovebug, but she IS likeable, as long as no other cats are around. I had another foster, Molly, who was similar in temperament to Wanders. Molly went to a one-person home with no other pets, and she's doing GREAT. So there is hope.

Becs said...

I tried very hard to stay with American cars. The Reliant was unreliable, starting on whim. The Taurus's paint peeled off. Ford offered to pay for half the re-painting. I asked if they wanted the front or the back. Also, it peed brake fluid and spent more time in the shop than in my driveway.

Eventually I ended up buying a Camry and for the foreseeable future, plan to stick with Toyota.

high st farm said...

saw your comment about jasper on jennas blog...totally appreciated it! checked out your page and am thrilled to see you foster cats! (lets hope this kitten of jennas is altered, her last kitten a year or so ago was put outside unaltered and went missing...ugh).

i foster dogs.

keep up the good work!

rockygrace said...

Becs, thanks for the Toyota suggestion. I hope things are starting to improve in your neck of the woods.

And high st farm, thanks for stopping by! I thought it was a little odd for Jenna to get so defensive when everyone's comments were respectful. I hope she doesn't go hop on that pony just to prove us wrong ...

and ain't fostering fun? It's a chance to make a difference in so many lives! We're fighting the good fight.