Thursday, October 11, 2007

Product Review - Kitchen Nightmares

"Kitchen Nightmares" is a reality show where a professional chef, Gordon Ramsay, visits a different failing restaurant every week and stays for one week to try and turn it around. And I have to say, this is reality tv at its train-wreck best.

For one thing, usually there are only one or two people working at the restaurant who actually want to try to make it better, and the rest of the employees are less than enthusiastic, and often downright mutinous. Picture "Extreme Home Makeover", if the family whose home was being re-done was a bunch of crackheads who were really very happy living in a run-down shack and gave Ty Pennington the finger every time he turned around.

Gordon Ramsay is, shall we say, volatile. He'll start bitching out a restaurant employee, and he gets so pissed off, I keep thinking he's going to spontaneously combust. Multiply that by ten when whoever he is bitching out starts giving it right back to him. Favorite line from last night's show? "TOUCH THE WALL, YOU DIRTY PIG!" Ah ha ha ha ha hahaha! You really had to be there. Keep in mind, the people he bitches out really, really have it coming. The surly cooks from last night's show were my personal favorites, with comments like, "Yeah, yeah, whatever" whenever Gordon suggested an improvement. Which makes it all the sweeter when he finally explodes.

I highly, highly recommend this show. I can't stand most reality tv, but this show is kind of vicariously cathartic for me. I really get a kick out of watching Gordon throw absolute, no-holds-barred shit fits. I mean, really, wouldn't we all like to do that on occasion - just scream our heads off at people who deserve it? And this guy gets paid for it! God, I want that job.


listie said...

After watching that show it really makes you think twice before going out to eat.

Rockycat said...

Ain't that the truth! It's not just the filthy kitchens that disturbed me, but also the piss-poor attitude of a lot of the cooks.