Monday, October 15, 2007


Yesterday, even though it was cold and gloomy and rainy (fifteen minutes into my walk, I turned around, went back to the car, and got a hat and gloves), I went up to State Park. I get antsy if I go too long without getting out in the woods. The leaves are finally starting to change, but they've still got a way to go:

Last year, I went to another local park on October 6, and the leaves looked like this:

WTF, leaves? Let's get a move on, here, before it starts to snow!

Speaking of snow, there were moments yesterday when it did not seem that far off:

But then the sky would lighten, and it was fall again:

I'd enjoy fall a heckuva lot more if it wasn't followed by winter.


listie said...

CollegeDaughter commented this weekend on how slow the trees are changing color this year. I don't even have to rake yet.

Kerri said...

I don't need to go look at the foliage. I can enjoy the season just by looking at your pictures!

Rockycat said...

Listie - I have a maple tree in my backyard that hates me. It is still completely green, and it always waits until around Thanksgiving to drop its leaves, making me the last one in the neighborhood to get the leaves to the curb.

Kerri - Thanks! And - Go, Patriots!

MyStarbucks said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Autumn's just getting started here too. It's cold but the colour's aren't changing as fast as last year. I am SURE of it.