Monday, October 29, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter Captures the Krazy Klown Killer!

Last week, I read in the paper that a bar right down the street from where I live (Exador, you might remember this place) was having a Halloween party on Saturday. And the entertainment was to be a guy I went out with a few times more than 20 years ago and had not seen since.
1. Party!
2. Right down the street from me! (Huge plus, as I could walk home if I got too, um, tipsy to drive.)
3. Chance to see how a guy I dated looks 20 years later! Back when I went out with this guy, he was very good looking (think Peter Frampton back in the day (hey! Peter Frampton was good looking! To me, anyway)). And he was a musician! I was always a sucker for musicians.
1. There was no way I was going to walk into a bar full of strangers all by myself.

So, I kind of hemmed and hawed and finally, on Saturday afternoon, I asked one of my downstairs neighbors if he would like to go to the party with me. Folks, this was huge. I DO NOT make a habit of asking neighbors out on dates! But I really, really wanted to go to this party. And my neighbor said yes, he'd like to go to the party. Yay me!
So! It is now 5:00 on Saturday, the party starts at eight, and I have to come up with a costume. Yeah. I had a pair of dollar-store devil horns from a past Halloween, and I had just bought a short pleated black skirt, so I paired the horns and the skirt with a red top and, voila! The devil's cheerleader! I know, kind of lame, right. And at about seven, I realized that I had no pom-poms. What the heck is a cheerleader without pom-poms? I decided to dive into my box of crafty-stuff to see if I could somehow come up with something to make pom-poms with. In order to get to the box of crafty-stuff, I had to move my industrial-size roll of caution tape. You know, the stuff they use to mark off crime scenes?
Ta-da! Caution tape pom-poms!
So! We went to the party, and had a really good time. My neighbor/date went as Kurt Cobain - layered flannel shirts, scruffy jeans, and - instant grunge! And the guy I used to date now looks totally different - I never would have recognized him in a million years. And we did a little catching up between sets, so that was cool. And! Because I am a billion years old, by 11:30 I was tired and tipsy and ready to go home.
Oh, and Dog the Bounty Hunter won first prize in the costume contest! He deserved it.


Exador said...

Oh yeah, that's the VI alright.

Awesome idea with the crime-tape-pompoms.

Rockycat said...

I don't know what's more depressing - that the VI is still there, or that the SAME PEOPLE are still going there!