Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Apartment Files: The Naked Neighbor, Part II

Okay!  So!  I was telling you about my neighbor, who I found sitting on the back porch naked one night.

Weeks after that, I got a phone bill that was HUUUUUUUGE.  And it had all these calls on it to a 900 number.  I was mystified, because I never call 900 numbers.  Curious, I dialed the number, and

it was a phone sex line.


I looked at the times of the calls, and it was all times when I was at work.

and then I remembered the lock on the hall door.

There was a door, at the end of my hallway, which opened into the building's mechanical room.  The apartment next to mine also had a door that opened into that room.  A while back, I had noticed that the hardware surrounding the lock on the door in my hallway was loose.  Almost as if someone had removed it, and then replaced it in a hurry.

You know where this is going, RIGHT?


COREY had BROKEN INTO MY APARTMENT through the mechanical room while I was at work and used MY PHONE to call PHONE SEX LINES.  REPEATEDLY.


The first thing I did was call a locksmith.  Then I called the police.  Then I called the landlord.

and THEN ...

Okay, guys, you'll just have to wait to hear what happened next, because this thing is WAY too long already, again.  Stay tuned ...


James P. said...

Woman, you're drivin' everyone nuts here......with the bits and pieces of the story at a time.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

then what?? then what/!?!

spiffikins said...

SO either this guy thought you would NOT NOTICE the huge phone bill and would just pay it, OR he thought 'this is a lady who is someone who uses phone sex lines, my calls will just mix right in with her own and she won't be able to tell the difference' ?

I can't wait to hear more!

rockygrace said...

haha stayed tuned, guys.

and spiff, yeah, I was a demon with the sex lines. HA. It helps to remember that this was back in the day before internet porn, when phone sex lines were actually a thing. That some people used. NOT ME. :)