Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Okay, first and most important, many thanks to Laura, who sent a fine donation for the kitties of Little Mews!

Laura, your gift is very much appreciated.  I'm sorry I'm not better at sign-making. :)

Now, some random:

I finally, FINALLY got around to canceling my Netflix account the other day.  I was on the DVD plan, and seeing as how the last time I sat down and watched an entire movie was ... a long, looooong time ago, it was time to pull the plug.  Phew.  (and no, I'm not saying that I'm *better* than anyone else by not watching movies.  Lord knows I watch enough crap TV.  I just do not have the time OR the attention span to sit still for two hours these days. *sigh*)

and OH MY GOD CRAP TV YOU GUYS!  AMAZING RACE!  LAST WEEK!  I thought the Green Team was finally gonna bite it, and I was CHEERING for that other girl to GET THAT DAMN FISH DAMN YOU! GOOOOOOOO!  And then Green Team guy started to CRY, and I was kind of GLAD because he's sort of jerk-ish, but then I felt BAD for feeling GLAD because he really IS a student of the game, and ... yeah, can you tell I get way too invested in this stuff?

I managed to put the outside lights up without incident over the weekend.  Yay! A friend and I have decided to become "peril pals" on facebook; if one of us is about to do something potentially life-threatening (which, for me, includes anything at all involving a ladder, ha), we PM the other before we start and once we finish.  If one of us gets the FIRST message and not the SECOND, well, it's time sound the alarm.  Hopefully it'll never be necessary.

I actually almost said screw it with the lights this year and bought one of those star-shooter things.  But I wasn't sure how bright the lights from that would actually be, and I didn't want to cough up forty bucks for something I wasn't happy with.  The main problem with my regular lights, which I lay along the garden edging out front, is that if we get a year with a lot of snow (LIKE LAST YEAR I'M LOOKING AT YOU, YOU MISERABLE, ENDLESS WINTER), I'm out there digging the lights out a few times a week and it's a pain in the butt.  So I dunno; maybe next year I'll try the star-shooter.  Does anybody you know have one?  Do they like it?

I never realized how many people around here are actually from Jersey until I started doing the events at the Tractor Supply nearest to the rescue.  I swear, every other person is a Jersey transplant.  Most of them came up here after they retired.  When *I* retire, I ain't sticking around here, I'll tell you what.  I'm heading SOUTH.

I was pawing through a bathroom cabinet this morning, looking for ... something, I forget what, and I found SEVERAL make-up items that I never use.  Some old hair gel, a half-full tube of foundation that I didn't like, and some old eye make-up.  And I actually had a hard time throwing it out! I have to watch myself, there ... evidently the hoarding instinct is strong in me.  Anybody else have a hard time chucking stuff that they *might* use some day?

I've discovered a great website for cheap me:  You just type in your address, and it gives you the gas prices at nearby stations.  The stations around here can be as much as twelve cents a gallon apart, so it's nice to know who's got the cheap stuff.

So that's it!  My random for today. Got any random yourself?


Robyn said...

I've got no random for you, but the "peril pals" idea is BRILLIANT!

~~Silk said...

Yeah, the Green Team! I was sooooo hoping they'd get booted. I hope Crista (or whatever her name is) has noticed that Justin is just fine when everything goes his way, but as soon as something goes wrong, he completely collapses. Maybe she should rethink that engagement.

The gal that couldn't find the fish wasn't going deep enough. I really liked them.

spiffikins said...

I love the peril pals! My grandmother, in her 90's, has a "breathing check" call with her friend down the hall every morning - one of the calls the other each day to check that a) they each woke up that morning and b) that nobody has fallen down and broken a hip :)

I remember staying in a ...budget...motel in London one night at age 19 or so. I had been visiting a friend in another town, and because I had an early flight leaving London, I had come to town the day before my flight, done some sightseeing and tucked myself into the cheapest hotel I could find for the night.

Sitting on the bed, listening to the people banging up and down the hallway, I had a moment where I realized "Nobody on this Earth has any actual idea where you are right at this moment" And if - my brain continued - you were to get your throat slit tonight, nobody would know where to look for your body.


So, what did I do? I pulled out a postcard that I had bought, and wrote on the back to my friend, "dear friend, I am mailing this on my last night of my trip. If I do not make it home, here is my last known location" and the name and address of the hotel :)

She was NOT impressed when the postcard arrived (2 weeks after I made it home safe and sound)

random: I'm flying to Hawaii tomorrow!

Portia said...

I have mascara from high school. I never wear mascara. And it would be a really bad idea to wear any that is that old, too. But it's the kind that you mix with water each time you use it, so it isn't all caked and nasty. If I had any sense I'd get up right now and throw it away. But I won't.

rockygrace said...

Robyn, maybe my friend and I should get "Peril Pals" t-shirts printed up. oh wait, that would be too similar to the creepy "red hat" ladies ... :)

and ~~Silk, yeah, I was yelling "Dive! Dive!" at the top of my lungs. Ha. Now it's down to the Paparazzi (ugh, on general principle), the Reporters (yawn) and the Green Team (stop CRYING ya big baby!) *sigh*

spiff, I am BEYOND jealous! Have an AWESOME time in Hawaii! Send me a postcard!

Portia, you sound like me. Why throw it out when it hardly takes up any space at all? And who knows, maybe someday there'll be, like, a mascara shortage, and you'll NEED it! :)