Friday, December 04, 2015

... and more thanks are in order! - Now with updates!

Thank you, Ginny (James P.) for your donation to Little Mews!

The UPS man may hate you (that's a 38 pound box of litter, there) but the Little Mews kittens (and I) are thankful for your donation!

(and yes, I picked THAT pic because it had the back end of a foster kitten in it, which seemed, er, appropriate.)

I'll be going to the rescue tomorrow, and I know they'll be glad to see your present!

Thank you for helping make the holidays merry for the cats and kittens!

Updated to add:  Ginny, Package #2 arrived today!  THANK YOU!  Medications always put a strain on a rescue's budget because they are so expensive, so thank you for your help!


James P. said...

The UPS man hates us at this end of things too because our driveway is broken up by tree a roller coaster track now.

rockygrace said...

haha, Ginny (James P.), so you're kind of like the scourge of UPS drivers everywhere. :) Thank you again!