Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Exciting! Blogger! News!

You guys!  The reader who comments here as Domestic Kate, and has a blog named Simply Kate,  had her baby!  And he's adorable!  Go see the pics!

Congratulations, Kate!


James P. said...

You do not exaggerate. He is a beautiful child. I am exhausted from reading that entry though!!

James P. said...

Isn't this the lady who does the knitting (that I would LOVE to have some of if it weren't 75 degrees this week!!!!!)?

rockygrace said...

Ginny, isn't he precious?! And yes, Kate knits. (or crochets? I always get the two confused.)

Kate, if you're reading (although I'm pretty sure you're just a little busy right now!), again, CONGRATULATIONS!!

Domestic Kate said...

Hi! Thanks for the link, Rocky!

James, you think you're exhausted! Some people like hearing others' delivery stories; I don't know who those crazy people are, but I wrote it for them :) And yes, I knit. I haven't been up to much knitting because of the weather here too (it was in the 100s into October).

We think he's pretty darned cute too.