Friday, December 18, 2015

Let's hear your most hilarious/horrific wedding stories

So, I got talking on Facebook the other day about how I don't like the Cake Boss, and that led to a discussion about wedding cakes, and I remembered when I was planning my own wedding, back in the Dark Ages.

I had gone to the best bakery in town to look at cakes.  When the staff learned that I was getting married, they took me into a super-posh room with music playing, beautiful furnishings, art on the walls, the whole nine yards.  The woman in charge of wedding cakes started discussing tier layouts, flavor combos, etc., etc., until I explained that I was really just looking for a sheet cake.

*insert sound of needle being screeched across a record here*

I got hustled out of that room faster than you can believe and was given an old binder of sheet-cake pictures and a folding chair to sit in while looking through the binder.


I still remember that.  Wagner's Bakery.  I don't think they're around anymore.

So yeah, that's my funny wedding story.  What's yours?


TheQueen said...

Wedding was one, but afterward there was a drunk guy on our apartment parking lot yelling for an hour for " Rhonda. " We called the police and he drove away.

Becs said...

My 80 year old grandfather showed up late with his 19 year old hootchie in tow. I thought it was hysterical but it made my mother and my aunts steam.

fmcgmccllc said...

My 70 year old Grandma wore a vibrant blue gown with a colorful flowie sheer caftan overtop when we all attended her live-in soul mate daughter's wedding. His wife wore the same dress. The dress was from JC Penney. I was the only one to see the humor.

rockygrace said...

Queen, did you ever find out who Rhonda was?

Becs, talk about a May-December romance! Holy cow!

and fmcetc., was your Grandma's soul-mate married to his wife at the time? Now THAT would've been an interesting reception!

fmcgmccllc said...

Yep still married and had about 10 grown up kids at the wedding. It was entertaining.

rockygrace said...

So, the dude brought a GIRLFRIEND to his daughter's wedding, which his WIFE was also attending?! Whoa.