Thursday, December 03, 2015

Say my name, say my name

Cats I have fostered:

Pammie and Hannah
Evil Mama, The Runt, Little Girl, Fluffy and Tuffy (I ended up adopting The Runt and Little Girl)
Samson, Delilah and Dumplin
Romeo and Mouse
Betty Sue
Itty Bitty
Tinks (I ended up adopting Tinks - still got 'im!)
Jacob, Rachael, Zilpah, Bilpah and Leah
Panko, Ponza, Chobani, Kikko and Princess Kamiko
Leo and Lilly
Moses, Aaron and Hobo
Virginia, Vinnie and Violet
Miley and Hannah
Buster, Bianca, Sparky, Boots, Sweetie and Smoky
Callie and Bindi
Puff, BearyCat and 12 kittens
Honey, Big Red, Little Red, Raffles and Ruffian
Apple Pie, Chloe, Watson and Mikelle (Mikey)
Henri, Georgia, Auguste (Gus) and Taffy
Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Rowena, Perseus and Lyra

Holy Macaroni, that's a lotta cats!


James P. said...

Is this list from memory, or do you keep a written record?

Becs said...

You are wonderful. It's fantastic that you can let them go. I ended up keeping every kitten or cat that I ever fostered.

rockygrace said...

haha, James P., I keep a list. I'd NEVER remember them all otherwise. :)

and Becs, I have the gift (or is it a curse?) of being able to easily surrender my fosters. As soon as one group moves on, I'm concentrating on my newcomers. Good for you for not being as heartless as I am. :)