Monday, December 14, 2015


The weather forecast was calling for temps in the SIXTIES yesterday.  I had SO MUCH that had to get done yesterday, but I was bound and DETERMINED to get outside.

So I got up before the sun, ran errands (Pro tip:  Walmart is deserted at seven a.m.) and decorated the tree and wrapped packages like a MANIAC, and by one-thirty, I was out in the woods.

No ice on the creek at all:

Not sure if birds had been going after bugs, or if the bucks had been leaving their marks on this dead  tree:

Look!  How cute!  Out in the middle of the forest:

I had to stop and visit the old chimney:

Shirtsleeves?  Did I mention I was hiking in shirtsleeves?  Yippee!  But pretty soon the sun was lowering and it was time to head for home.

Dear Weather:  I love you.  Never change, okay?  Smooches!


James P. said...

Are you seeing things in bloom (wildflowers?) that shouldn't be doing so in December?

Becs said...

I heard that some of the cherry trees are blooming in DC. Yesterday in eastern PA, I thought I saw forsythia (!) blooming, but it just turned out to be yellow leaves. I went out wearing a very light pullover sweater, but it got up to 72! Too hot. Drove home with the AC on.

James P. said...

Becs, THEY ARE BLOOMING!! I saw my neighbor's tree in bloom today (I'm in Fairfax, VA), thought I was seeing dried leaves, but nope! Then I Googled about the ones downtown and there they were. I have NO IDEA what will happen in the spring when they are supposed to have the HUGE annual Cherry Blossom Festival. This is just nuts..............Ginny F.

James P. said...

P.S. The second snowy owl was recorded here last week or so. I'm wondering how many little animals/birds are sitting around here arguing about what they should do.....stay or migrate!

rockygrace said...

Ginny, I haven't seen anything blooming, but the BUGS are sure out.

and that's crazy about the cherry trees blooming! A couple of years back, we got a week of warm weather here around late February. All the early bloomers (like lilacs) started to bud out like CRAZY, and then the cold weather came back and killed everything. No lilacs that year.