Friday, March 13, 2015

The people in my neighborhood

Spring must be on the way, because the people in my neighborhood are out walking again.  This is my favorite neighborhood family:

Okay, first off, LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW.  *sob*  I swear to CHRIST I'm ready to go out with a hairdryer and start BLOW-DRYING the snow off of my yard.

But!  Back to the family.  Daughter, mom, big dog, little dog, and dad, and they usually have their son with them, too, so I'm  not sure where he was last night.  This family actually STOPPED walking their dogs past my house for a while last year, after my crazy neighbor L's crazy-ass, out-of-control rottweiler ATTACKED their dogs one evening, and it broke my damn heart because for some reason I just love seeing this family out and about.  L's crazy-ass dog hasn't been around lately (THANK GOD), so the family is once again making the rounds.

And you can't tell it by this pic, but the big dog?  Only has three legs.  Which means that, yes, crazy L's crazy-ass dog attacked a three-legged dog.  I HATE THAT CRAZY-ASS DOG.

But I LOVE the three-legged dog.  And I LOVE that it's finally warm enough outside (okay, okay, it's in the high thirties; beggars can't be choosers) that the neighbors are once again making the rounds.

Like I've said five thousand times this winter, SPRING IS COMING.  And this time I MEAN IT.


Domestic Kate said...

I once saw a family at one of the u-pick berry farms around there that made me cry with how lovely they were and single-handedly activated my biological clock.

rockygrace said...

Too funny, Kate. "Dammit! The alarm just went off!"