Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sugar (doo doo DOO doo doo doo), aw, honey honey

BREAKING NEWS!  I had this post about Honey all set to go this morning, except!  When I went in to the foster room, she was busy HAVING KITTENS!  Yes, that's right, our dear Honey child is having her kittens TODAY!

So!  Right now she has four:  Two orange, one gray/black tabby, and one tortie.  Whew!  I'm not sure if she's done yet or not, although I'm sure she's HOPING she's done!

Okay, so, first, let's go back to the regularly scheduled post, which I actually composed yesterday.  Here we go:

Yes, Honey is still ensconced in the foster room.  She has lots there to entertain her:

She's a funny little thing.  Even though she was raised in a house with other cats and was crated with another cat when she first came into rescue care, when one of MY cats peeks into the room, she reacts by trying to attack. She'll CHARGE right at the screen door and BAM right into it, so hard that it would fly open if I didn't keep it latched.

Maybe she's thinking, "It was a MALE CAT just like YOU who did this to me!"  Ha.

If I've been petting one of my cats and then go into the foster room, and she smells my hand, she starts to HISS at it.

Calm down, Honey.  It's just the hormones talking.

Oh!  And when I head toward the door, she will run to get between me and it and start hissing and yowling, like she's going to prevent me from leaving.

Funny Honey.  She does appreciate a good head-scritching, though.

 She's definitely showing now:

When will she deliver?  I have no idea.  She came to my house on March 8, meaning she got pregnant some time before then, and she was showing a little tummy then, so the knock-up date was probably at least a week before that.  Average cat gestation is 65 days, but this is her first (AND ONLY) pregnancy, so she may hold on a little longer, although she's so petite it may indicate an earlier delivery.  Bottom line is, I have NO IDEA when Mama may pop, or how many kittens she may have.  First pregnancies often result in only one or two kittens, although I had TWO first-time mamas last Spring who each delivered SIX, so who knows?

Okay!  Now!  Back to today!  I WAS going to have a contest, a name-the-delivery-date type of thing, but obviously Honey beat me to the punch.  I swear, she LOOKED like she had a little ways yet to go, but I guess she thought differently, which just goes to prove that I know NOTHIN' about birthin' no babies.  Ha.

I'll keep you guys posted, and I'll have photos soon.


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