Tuesday, March 03, 2015


So!  This morning!  Two below.  And we are supposed to get more snow this afternoon.  But then!  It is going to warm up!  Into the thirties!  And we are going to get a delightful mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain, and possibly popsicles falling from the sky I don't even care at this point.   

This is me, to winter:

 On the bright (?) side, there HAVE been some pretty sunsets.  Took a pic last night as I was out shoveling the habitrails:

But then I pan out and you can see the massive ice dams on the roof of the house and the buried shed and yeah, I'm beyond over this:

I DID get a pretty good pic of the habitrails in use:

In this winter of our discontent, Tinks has discovered a secret lair in the garage:

Can't spot him?  Look a little closer, up in the storage loft:

Here is one of the paintings I've been "working" on:

What's that?  Why yes, yes I COULD benefit greatly from some art classes, thankyouverymuch.

Birds on one side of the window, Soda the lurker on the other:

The birds are all, pffffff, you can't get us, you big moron!

haha you tell 'em, birdies.

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