Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It worrrkkkkkkks! It worrrkkkkkkkks!

I've been trying to teach myself to paint for a long time.  A VERY long time.  The one place around here that offered lessons was largely self-directed, which didn't help me very much, and is no longer around.  So I've been slogging along on my own, trying (and failing) to figure out things like perspective and shadows and, you know, ART stuff.

I am big on blue.  Skies and water, man, they're my favs.

Work in progress: 

I just didn't seem to be getting any better.  I've seen ninth-graders crank out better art.  Like, way better.

So I bought a DVD.  A Bob Ross DVD.

I guess Bob Ross used to be big on PBS?  He had, like, a series?  Either my local station didn't carry it or I didn't watch it, because I was not familiar with Bob Ross.  But when I put "learn to paint" into the search bar on ebay, up popped a LOT of Bob Ross. 

Sunday was the big day.  I plopped down in the middle of the living room with my canvas, my brushes, my paints, and some accomplices:

popped in the DVD, and went to work.  With Bob Ross, you go step-by-step.  Look at how awesome those mountains in the background look!  I PAINTED THAT!:

Here is the finished product:

I need to work on my clouds, and the bottom right is a little ... busy ... but I think this painting is AWESOME!

On the wall:

Dear Bob Ross:  Your method WORKS.  I love you.  Ha.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Bob Ross rocks

rockygrace said...

A-men, Tails!

Domestic Kate said...

My brother and I would watch Bob Ross's show (in re-runs) on PBS back in the 90s. They were mesmerizing and we'd laugh at all his happy little trees.

Your painting is great! And here's a little story I came across about Bob Ross in case you're curious:

~~Silk said...

Your painting is wonderful! I love it. I have always adored Bob Ross.

rockygrace said...

Kate, the DVD I bought is so ... calming. and that article is fascinating!

and ~~Silk, thank you very much! I can't wait to try another one. And I, too, now adore Bob Ross. Ha.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago a station in Europe called the Boston PBS INSISTING on getting the latest Bob Ross series.

They were very popular and so the station was hoping for another season or two.

Well, that wasn't going to happen.

They're supposedly still showing on the new Create channel.

rockygrace said...

Anon, I didn't know what you were talking about until I googled Bob Ross and discovered that he was no longer with us.

Now I've gotta find out if my cable company carries Create!