Thursday, November 20, 2014

Timing, Part II

Over the past weekend, I noticed that a family who lives one street over from me has put up their outside Christmas decorations.

It looks like the inflatable decoration section of Home Depot exploded there.

There's an inflatable carousel!  with inflatable cartoon characters riding it!  There's reindeer and Santa and his sleigh!  There's Mickey and Minnie and elves and snowmen and f*ck-all else (including Spiderman, because what Christmas scene would be complete without an inflatable Spiderman, I ask you?), all over their front yard.

I don't know when it all went up, as I don't drive down that street all that often.  It could have gone up before Halloween, for all I know.

Part of me is all, ick.  So soon?  Part of me is all, hell, if I dropped a couple grand on ridiculous bullsh*t for my front yard, I'D want to put it up early as well.

Now that I think about it, if I remember correctly, this same house still had all their inflatable crap up well into March this year.

Eh.  I'm an atheist,  so obviously I'm not going to go down the whole, "The reason for Christmas is CHRIST!" road.  I just think that inflatable stuff is tacky to begin with, but then again, I'm the one who has a zebra in their front garden, so who am I to judge?  If you wanna have an inflatable Spiderman in your front yard, more power to ya.  I usually manage to string some lights out front sometime between mid-December and Christmas, and there'll be a wreath on my door as well.  It's just not inflatable, is all.  And I usually put up a tree, because pretty. 

I was out in the yard on Sunday, and I kept hearing Christmas music ... I wonder if they've added sound to the display.  In which case, I'm glad I live one street over and not next door, because that could grow old right quick.

Inflatable Christmas.  Now with tunes.  I wonder what's next?


~~Silk said...

You're lucky it's one street over. In my neighborhood, it's RIGHT NEXT DOOR!

Yeah, the inflatable carousel turns, and plays music.

Anonymous said...

Celebrate Saturnalia instead. The Christians stole it from the Romans who probably stole it from someone else. It's a great way to celebrate that we're near the darkest day of the year and can start moving back the other way :-).

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, I feel your pain.

And Kris, now I have to go google Saturnalia. Is it like Festivus?

James P. said...

I'm putting this phenomenon in the same category as the chocolate (white OR milk chocolate) candy crosses sold with the Easter candy....complete with fake wood grain like the real cross and some frosting flowers. Why would an observant Christian want to chomp into the cross? (Maybe Inflatable Christmas Spiderman has some insight about this.)

rockygrace said...

yummmmmmy crucifix ... ha.

It's like the images of Jesus holding his robes open to show his mangled, bleeding heart. ewwww.

Anonymous said...

Way more wine at Saturnalia :-)

rockygrace said...

Then Anonymous (Kris?), I'm in. Any holiday that involves copious amounts of booze is a-ok with me.