Thursday, November 13, 2014

Presented for your opinion

Okay!  We were talking about hats the other day.  Like I said, I do wear hats outdoors in the wintertime.  It's either that or freeze to death.  The one I wear most often looks something like this:

Well, not exactly, but something like that.  Black, and warm, and it comes down around my ears. 

But!  With your encouragement, I started looking on line at other hats. Oh ebay, I love you so.  I bought this one:

Snazzy!  I'll look like ... a hipster dude contestant on American Idol.  Or a leafy pimp.  STOP LAUGHING.

And this one:

Each for less than three bucks.

Now, after you stop laughing ... what do you think?  I'm still looking for some basic black ones, too, except in a lighter weight, to wear inside.  Yay or nay? 


~~Silk said...

I like them all. However (you knew that was coming, right?) the new ones look like they'd do a good job of protecting you from too much sun, but won't do much for keeping your ears warm in an upper NY state winter, either drafty inside or windy outside.

How 'bout something more like this:


I need something for the winter, but I'm pretty much restricted to something local that I can try on before buying it. I wear a very large hat size - 7 3/4. I've got several hats here that I can't wear because they're tight and give me headaches.

~~Silk said...

BTW, that you lose the most body heat through the head is a myth. It's based on an old British army study. They were testing various fabrics and styles for soldiers' winter gear, and when they measured where the heat loss was occurring, they found that the soldiers lost heat most from the head.

What they didn't take into consideration was that the men were wearing boots, socks, padded pants, jackets, vests, and gloves. The only area left uncovered was their heads.


rockygrace said...

~~Silk, I can pretty much guarantee I will never wear anything with a pom-pom on the top. But I like the second one!

I'm not really looking for warmth at this point - more for something that I could wear indoors without roasting to death. I have lots of "outdoor" hats. Obvs, the ones I pictured are summer-patterned, which is why I'm looking for black lighter-weight hats to wear now. If that makes any sense.

Frankly, it's all just a diversion to keep my mind off the fact that it is snowing outside RIGHT NOW. So keep those hat ideas coming, please! I appreciate it.

and I always figured that the most-heat-loss-through-the-head thing was probably not true. But now I'm curious - If they tested naked people, where WOULD the most heat loss be from?

fmcgmccllc said...

Love, love and love hats. I have hats for every need and occasion. I have cheap hats and I have creations from Fleur De Paris in New Orleans. Hope I spelled that right. Their website is to die for. They come with hat boxes and back in the day I would carry my hat box home on the plane, especially charming on the occasions I could score first class seats. There is never a reason not to wear a hat.

bridgett said...

For those Saturday adoption events....

rockygrace said...

fmcetc., I checked out the Fleur De Paris website - upscale! Wouldn't it be fun to work in a hat shop?

and bridgett, everybody already thinks I'm strange, thankyouverymuch.