Monday, November 24, 2014

Cats welcoming soldiers home

Okay, so, I have an appointment to take my car in for an estimate this afternoon, and thankfully, my insurance policy will cover a rental, so I'm good to go.  Whew.

Now!  Courtesy of The Toast and Imgur, here are some heartwarming gifs of cats welcoming soldiers home.

hahahahahaaaaaa.  THIS is why I love cats.   This right here.


~~Silk said...

Ha! You disappear for six months, without so much as a phone call, and you expect me to slobber all over you when you decide to show up again? EARN IT, stranger!

rockygrace said...

Exactly, ~~Silk.

Domestic Kate said...

The cat running away from the table is the best. No means no, man.

On the other hand, we went out of town for five days, a week and a half ago, and my cat still won't leave me alone for five minutes.

rockygrace said...

Kate, that is aDORable. Maybe your cat thinks it's a dog?

I have a friend who had two rescued cats who were basically feral. She couldn't pet them or get near them without them running away. She went away for a week, and when she came back, the cats thought she was the best thing since sliced bread - curling up in her lap and the whole nine yards. She keeps telling me that I need to go out of town to make Callie and Bindi (my two feral fosters) love me.

I have an idea that my three perma-cats would be more like the cats in these videos - "Rocky WHO?"

p.s. I'm getting ready to do Christmas cards and I'm not sure I have the right address for you - could you email it to me? Thanks.