Friday, November 14, 2014

So, while I'm on a buying spree ...

I tend to run hot and cold with shopping.  I'll buy a bunch of stuff all at once, and then not buy anything for a long while.  Well, I mean, I still buy food and stuff ... you know what I mean.

So I bought a dresser a couple of weeks ago, and then I bought a few hats, and then I went on craigslist and saw this:

Huh?  Huh?  Whaddaya think?

The thing is, I really need a new desk.  I had to move stuff around in the spare room while my friend was helping me rip out the carpet, and it was really embarrassing, because the desk that is in there has a leg that falls off every time you lift the desk, and I keep a cinderblock under that side of the desk to stop the whole thing from collapsing, and ... yeah.  It was the desk I had in my bedroom when I was a kid, and I guess forty years is about the most you can expect to get out of a desk that wasn't all that well-built to begin with.  I mean, it's not even real wood, it's, like, that Sauder crap, except I don't even know if Sauder was a company yet when that desk was fabricated, so

have I talked myself into a new desk yet?  Why, yes.  Yes I have.

SO.  I saw the above desk on Craigslist, but I did not act, even though the listing described it as a "waterfall desk", and I do not know what that means (well, I do now, I have since googled it), but if you can resist a waterfall desk you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din, but still I waited, and then, a few days later, I saw that they had dropped the price, and it was now thirty dollars. 

Thirty dollars?!

I have a date to go see the desk tomorrow morning, and unless they have chopped it up into kindling and burned it between now and then, I am pretty sure that desk will be in my house tomorrow afternoon, providing I can con the friend who helped me rip out the carpeting into helping me move it.

Two things:  (1) If this is the last post ever posted here, tell the cops the desk-sellers did it; and (2) Aren't you glad you aren't my friend?


~~Silk said...

Looks like it's in good condition.

Zella said...

I love it, and the price is CRAZY ! I might change the handles, but otherwise it looks beautiful !

~~Silk said...

If you don't refinish it, don't change the handles. Those are original and suit the style, so if you keep them, the item will increase in value over the years, as others of its ilk are painted and modified, and the originals become more rare.

rockygrace said...

Well, the desk is now in the spare room. Turns out the top was water-damaged and the finish is shot, but I like the design and for thirty bucks, eh. I'll either just throw a lace runner over the top to cover the damage, or possibly take an old painting or poster, cut it to fit the top, and then cover THAT with glass to make a new top. Or, you know, throw a lace runner over the top. Probably that last one.

Anyway, at least I don't have to worry about it toppling over and crushing a foster cat, which was the fear with the old desk. And plus, I like it. AND my friend and I did the Great Free Food Sample Tour of Owego afterward, so there's that. A good day all around.