Monday, November 03, 2014

the weekend

Trick-or-treaters!  Sixty-eight.  The lady across the street turned off her porch light promptly at eight, to which I say:  SCROOGE! 

Sat:  Haircut.  Mission accomplished.  Then Greenwood:

There's something so ... lonesome about a park once the weather turns colder.  Mine was the only car in the parking lot. 

Tiny Talon has gotten right to work destroying the houseplants:


He's so funny - I keep him crated (it's a BIG crate - 3' x 4') for a good part of the day due to his recent health issues (don't want him picking up bugs from the rest of crew), but when I let him out for play time, he will run and play and run for as long as he's out, and then, once's he's back in his crate, he crashes for several hours.  Poor little thing gets all worn out!  It's tough being a wee kitten.

And speaking of the rest of the crew, they are of mixed emotions regarding Talon.  Tinks, of course, thinks Talon is the bee's knees - Tinks likes all the foster kittens.  Pony is "meh", as long as Tal stays away from his food bowl while he is eating, and Soda is "oh HELL no".  Callie, one of the feral fosters, just goes up high into the cat condo when Talon is out, and Bindi?  Bindi, the other feral foster, is TERRIFIED of Talon.  If Bindi comes in and sees that Talon is out wandering, she U-turns and flies right back out the pet door.  C'mon, Bindi, he only weighs two pounds!  He's not gonna hurt ya.

In other weekend news - my life is boring.  I took down the halloween decs.  To me, once Halloween is over, it's OVER. Get that stuff DOWN.  Of course, the leftover candy is welcome to linger as long as it wants.

I stopped at the farm stand to discover that they were closing up for the winter and everything was half off.  I will endeavor to eat all the apples I bought before they go mushy.  I even bought an extra bagful and left them on a friend's porch - is that odd?  To just leave random fruit on the porch of a buddy?  I mean, I would think it was totally cool if I opened my door and found a bag of anonymous apples, but maybe that's just me.  PROBABLY that's just me.  Dear friend:  I'm sorry about the apples.  Don't be weirded out.

I bought a watch which I do not need but which is unbearably cool-looking, so it goes in the present bin.  Spent twenty-minutes trying to talk the price down (Dear JC Penney:  Make your sale signs CLEARER or people will be CONFUSED.) (I succeeded).  (Yes, JC Penney actually had a cool watch for sale.  Go figure.) Stopped at Micheal's and discovered that they had halloween AND fall merchandise priced at 80% off.  Got TWO awesome birdcages and three sequined birds (COOL birds) for fifteen bucks.

I discovered that Soda had pulled down some of the garage insulation and was nesting in it, so I cleared out that nook of the garage and put down blankets so that he can sleep without inhaling fiberglass.  Dear Soda:  The kitten is not evil.  You do not have to sleep in the garage.

I still haven't got the DVD player set up in the foster room so I can do my Jillian workouts in there.  (Doing Jillian workouts in the living room is difficult with cats.  They all want to weave in and out, and ... it's like trying to work out with a toddler in the room.  NOT EASY.)

I still haven't tried stapling sheets to the living room ceiling (it's an EXPERIMENT, dammit).   I discovered that most of a giant dead tree came down across the far corner of the yard, so that's got to be sawed up.  I need to put the gardens to bed and I never DID get the gutters cleaned out, and now that daylight savings time is over, it'll be dark out when I get home from work.  Blech.

Okay, I'm pretty sure that I've used up my quota of parentheses and caps, so let's end this post here.  How was YOUR weekend?  


James P. said...

You lost me at the sheet-stapling. Whuh?

Thought we might see a photo of the new watch....

Did you notify the recipient of the apples?????

Everyone appreciates an industrious kitten.

spiffikins said...

No trick-or-treaters at my house - but that's ok - I spent the evening at a friend's place, and got my fill there - small crowd though, because it was cold and rainy.

My Hallowe'en decor came down this morning - the majority of it was at work, since that seems to be where I spend most of my days. Now my office is bland and boring again, at least till after Thanksgiving, when the Christmas stuff comes out!

I've been known to drop random food off at my friend's place - but I have a key, so often I just stick it in the fridge/on the counter top. I usually leave a note though! I also have a friend who does a lot of shipping, so I often drop off random cardboard boxes and pieces of foam - they have a "box shed" that they leave open, and I just shove it in there - hooray for reUSE!

Mostly this weekend I did my voting duty - took me THREE hours to go through all the propaganda that's arrived on my doorstep regarding the election, fill out my sample ballot, and then fill out my real ballot and drop it off on Sunday.

Domestic Kate said...

I don't think bringing apples as a gift is weird (although a note/phone call is probably warranted).

When I have extra apples, I make applesauce and then bake with it.

The word verification is 1980--the year I was born. Coincidence? :)

rockygrace said...

Ginny, my ceilings are UGLY. I can't afford to have them replaced, and they're this weird texture so they're not paintable, so I'm looking at low-cost cover-up options. I thought I could take some sheets and tie-dye them so they look like sky and ... oh, never mind.

I'll try to get a pic of the watch, although mysteriously, it does not appear on the JCP website, so maybe my local store is in an alternate dimension or something?

I did not notify the apple recipient. Hopefully she doesn't think somebody dropped a bunch of anthrax apples at her door.

And Talon takes his houseplant-shredding duties very seriously.

spiff, I envy you having a place to re-home packaging materials. And I wish I could fill out a ballot at home - here, there's no voting until you're at the polling place. Oh, and is Mexico still on the wish list?

and Kate, someday, SOMEDAY, I will have time to bake a pie. Unfortunately, it probably will not be until apple season is over.

and the year you were born? IS THE YEAR I GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL. Thank you for making me feel ancient. :)

rockygrace said...

p.s. spiff I saw your email this morning & replied - if you didn't get it, let me know!