Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Misguided Product Review

(Yes, Zella, I AM working on your dastardly challenge.  I should be done ... sometime.  Maybe tomorrow.)

Okay, time for an entry in the "Dubious Products" division:

"Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer"

Yeah, I can see how this made it into the marketplace.  The ads show a woman aiming the moisturizer spray squarely between her shoulder blades, the one area we dry-skinned women have the hardest area reaching.

But.  When I put on my moisturizer, it's first thing in the morning, right after I towel off from the shower.  And I'm really not awake yet then.  So I can totally see myself mis-aiming a squirt and hitting the back of my hair, or even worse, the floor, so that I would then slip and fall and sue Vaseline for a million dollars ...

... oh wait ... did I call this a misguided product?  I was just kidding.  Vaseline,  send me a case right now, okay?


Domestic Kate said...

Of course, I read it as a "misguided review" rather than a "misguided product," but that's just me.

Does it actually spray out a liquid spray or does it just spray out lotion? I've had spray on lotion that was pointless because I had to rub it in anyway.

One product that does work pretty well in terms of sprays is spray-on sunscreen. I can't apply sunscreen to that part of my back, so I stand in the shower, bend at the waist, and spray behind me. Works like a charm.

rockygrace said...

Yeah, Kate, as I wrote that header it confused me.

I'm not sure what it sprays out - liquid or gel or what - but I do know that I don't want it all over my bathroom floor.