Monday, March 25, 2013

I didn't even know he HAD a sense of humor

First off, I may be absent for a few days.  Zella has handed me a devilishly time-consuming meme, so I'm currently working on that.  Thanks, Zella!

Okay, so, I was listening to some show on NPR the other weekend, and Huey Lewis was the guest.  (Oh, come on, you remember ... Huey Lewis and the News?)

So anyway, somebody asked him what it was like to participate in the recording session for "We are the World", and he was like, "Oh, it was amazing!  I was at the food service table standing in between Ray Charles and Diana Ross, and then later I was chatting with Bob Dylan about golf, and at one point Paul Simon said, "If a bomb goes off in here right now, John Denver's back on top.""

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA I always thought that Paul Simon was kind of an insufferable prick, but now?  He's okay in my book.


Zella said...

Oh I remember Huey ! Hip to be square, right ??

Ha,ha...please do NOT stress over that blog challenge, it's no biggie...I wasn't going to send it out to anyone first because I thought it might be, errr, tad really, you can ignore it :)

rockygrace said...

Yep, Zella, Hip to be Square, Heart of Rock n' Roll, If This Is It, etc.

And it's too late now. I am toiling away on that insufferable challenge ... :)

Becs said...

I want a new drug.

rockygrace said...

Yep, Becs, I forgot that one. "One that don't make me sick ..."

~~Silk said...

Strange coincidence. I just read an article subtitled "Things to do in Denver when you're dead".


rockygrace said...

Ha, ~~Silk, at first I was like, "What does Huey Lewis have to do with Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead?" I even checked IMDB to see if he was in the movie.

A little slow on the uptake, me.