Friday, February 01, 2013


Yeah, I think this winter is finally getting to me.

Oh, I know all the tricks.  Light up the house like a landing strip at O'Hare, keep track of how sunset is a little later every day, make sure to exercise, blahblahblah.

Frankly, by the time February rolls around, I'm scrounging around in the bottom of my bag of tricks, looking for ways to make the winter endurable until Spring sashays in.

So when Walmart had a clearance sale on houseplants last week, well ...

I bought a Schefflera.  Then I bought a Ponytail Palm.  Then, I went back last night and bought a Marginata Palm.  I have no idea if I even spelled any of that correctly, I'm just going by what was printed on the little tags, but AT LEAST I HAVE GREEN STUFF TO LOOK AT.

It is a comfort on mornings like this one, when I wake to discover that - surprise! - we got a couple of inches of unexpected snow last night, and I had to shovel, AND the plow guy had not bothered to come through by the time I had to leave for work, meaning I had to muscle the car up onto the main road to even get to the office, and

Hang in there, pretty green plants.  It's you and me until the Spring.


~~Silk said...

That's a good idea. I might go buy some plants too.

On the other hand, wow! A whole bunch of new litter boxes! And munchies! Climbing trees! And perches!

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, yeah, the cats have been riding roughshod on the new plants.

I can't blame 'em - They're sick of winter, too.

~~Silk said...

Can't do much about the climbing and munching, but I found that covering the top of the dirt with criss-crossed wild rose twigs cut to size and laid on the dirt usually discourages pooping, piddling, and digging without hurting the plants.

If that doesn't work for determined kitties, screening does.