Friday, February 08, 2013

Freaky Friday!

A while back, I noticed that someone - perhaps Vintage Vixen? - had decorated a chandelier with bead necklaces.  What a fabulous idea, I thought.

So, I thought I'd give it a try.  I don't have a chandelier, but I do have a stained-glass fixture in my kitchen.  (Please ignore that horrible, horrible ceiling.  As soon as I win the lottery (HA), every ceiling in the house is getting ripped out and replaced.)



Well, *I* think it's festive.

and in other news, HOLY F*CK WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE.

Yes, it's Snowmageddon Part MCXXIII around here.  Yet another "snow event" of "historic" significance is bearing down on us poor souls here in the Northeast. 

Hey, for every half hour of shoveling I do, I figure that's the equivalent of one Jillian workout.   It actually gets marked down on my workout calender (which doubles as Pony's medication calendar).  Instead of "J2.2", I write down "shovel" and call it even.

Works for me!  Bring on the snow.  I'd rather shovel than do mountain climbers or plank jacks, any day.

(And what the hell is that move where you do push-ups while bringing your knee up to your elbow?  CAN ANYBODY ACTUALLY DO THAT?  Because every time I try, I just end up in a crippled heap on the floor.  I can do the push-up. (Well, kind of.)  I can do the side knee move.  I CANNOT do both at the same time.  I'd be interested in knowing if anyone outside of the gals on the DVD can actually do this move.)

(Another one I'm having difficulty with?  The jump-rope-and-skip thing.  HAHAHAHA I cannot jump rope and skip.  My legs just go all ... spastic, like I'm being cattle-prodded or something.)

(Come on over to my place and watch me work out, guys!  You'll laugh your ass off. Guaranteed.)


Birdie said...

I love decorating things with beads! I did a bunch of trees in my yard. Everyone in my family *smirked* but I think they look nice.

Don't get deaded in the snow! Don't! Stay inside and drink Bailey's and let it melt on its own.

~~Silk said...

"Festive" was the perfect word! It looks like a Mardi Gras parade swept through your kitchen. I suspect the photo doesn't catch all the sparkle.

I visited New Orleans for the first time three weeks before Katrina, and on the street that the parade goes down every spring, the tall trees lining the street are draped topped to bottom with decades of beads peeking through the leaves. That was the prettiest and most amazing thing I saw all week.

rockygrace said...

Birdie, beads in trees is a fantastic idea! I'm already the family weirdo, so no fears there. And my neighbors actually complimented the prayer flags I strung from the house to the shed.

And ~~Silk, I can't even imagine what it must have been like watching the Katrina coverage on TV when you'd just been there.

Snowpocalypse update: So far, about two inches. Total expected: six to ten. Yep, it's winter.

fmcgmccllc said...

Reminds me of Carnival in New Orleans. You can change it up with flowers and vines for spring and summer and vines and berries in the fall. Then Christmas time.

Okay I will stop now but I love the idea.

fmcgmccllc said...

Silk, we used to go to New Orleans all the time and we went the Thanksgiving after Katrina. They were begging people to come back for the tourist dollars and it was so odd. We were only in the quarter which wasn't too bad but the people were so damaged. It was not the most fun trip.

rockygrace said...

fmc, New Orleans after Katrina must have been very ... sad.

Snowpocalypse update: About five inches, total. And you KNOW you're getting old when your neighbors' son comes over to help you shovel out. *sigh* Sweet Jeezus, do I LOOK like a little old lady? (Don't answer that. Ha.) And NOW I can't even write it off as a faux-Jillian!