Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Seen on Craigslist

These are all from the "Pets" section.

1.  "A bit skid-dish, but lovable as well. I do not know why he is skid-dish"
It's "skittish", you dipshit.  "Skittish".  Jeezus Christ.

2.  "They do have flea's"
They have flea's what?  His guitar?  His amp?

3.  "Free long hair oragan tabby cat"
I have no idea what an "oragan" is.
From the same ad:
"litter trained not fixed but doesnt spay"
Your cat does not perform spays?  That's a pity, because you could make a ton of money if he did.

4.  Im sad i have to do this because hes a very loveing kitty im going to miss him but im pregnant and i think getting rid of him is my best option hes about a year old supper friendly loves to cuddle at night hes also funny he will sit with u watch movies and eat pop corn and chips with you he loves them...ive only let him 2 times because i dont want him to get sick but the vet said it was ok for him so i did....not the point anywho im going to be giving him away for free please be kind and treat him good i gave him away to a family and they where mean to him so i took him back just hopeing he goes to a great home this time...  

Okay.  A.  Obviously no one has ever been pregnant and had a pet at same time.  Moron.            
           B.  The fact that anyone with grammar, punctuation and spelling problems of this magnitude is                         pregnant makes me feel sorry for the kid.    

5.  I am a college student that is moving into student houseing and I unfortunetly can not take my dog with me. He is a five year old pure bread pekingese, with gold hair. He is looking for a good home and a paitent owner who is familure with this breed. Cantact me if interested.

College student?  Really?

I swear, Craigslist makes me lose faith in humanity.


Becs said...

And one of them is breeding? Oh, where is Darwin's hatchet men when you need them.

Sorry to say, this isn't limited to craigslist. I work with people who have been to college and graduated and still hand me documents to edit containing "attorney's" instead of "attorneys" and sometimes 20 page long docs where they turned of the spell check because it was just too annoying. Oy gevalt.

Becs said...

Hatched MAN, I meant. Sheesh.

Becs said...

HatcheT Man..oh, for the love of Christ...

rockygrace said...

*gasp* Becs, it was YOU on Craigslist, wasn't it?!


Zella said...

Ha, ha -- I have the same pet peeve, I don't understand how anyone can write like this without noticing their errors ?! These people must be both dyslexic AND incredibly stupid :)

I especially get annoyed seeing the same kinds of mistakes over and over again.."I love this women" - "Your late" - "Nobody know's it"...Arrggh !

On the other hand...if I make mistakes, it's only because English is not my mother tongue :-D

rockygrace said...

Zella, your English is better than that of 95% of Americans. I just made up that statistic. It's probably closer to 99%. And if there are grammatical errors in those last sentences, I don't want to know about it. :)

and mixing up "your" and "you're" drives me CRAZY. IT'S NOT THAT HARD, PEOPLE.