Friday, February 15, 2013

Sports bra

Okay, so, what's the dealio with these things?

I mean, I bought one because the straps on my regular bra kept slipping off my shoulders while I worked out.  So I figure a sports bra was in order.

Are they supposed to ... squish everything like that?

I'm not the most chestically-blessed in the first place, and when I put that sports bra on, well ... I look like a boy.

And it's NOT comfortable.  It's like wearing  a bra made of Spanx or something.  Are sports bras supposed to hurt? 

Belatedly I realized that if my only bra-workout-problem was sliding straps, I could take one of my regular bras, criss-cross the back straps, and problem solved.

Oh well.  At least I can say I own a sports bra.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the squishification is intentional. It's supposed to keep your boobs from bouncing uncomfortably while you exercise and it also provides support. However, if it's uncomfortably tight, maybe your sports bra is too small. Go to Target or Walmart and try various ones on until you find one that feels right to you. -- bridgett

rockygrace said...


try on a bra? in a store?


Oh my God, bridgett, I guess this must be some weird hangup of mine, because I would no more go into a store and start trying on bras than I would try on panties. Just ... *shudder*. YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THOSE THINGS HAVE BEEN! Jeezus Christ, esPECially in Walmart. *gags*

Hey, we all have our own little phobias. Evidently, this is one of mine.

Whenever one of the local department stores is advertising a "bra-fitting" event, all I can imagine is that you go, take your top off, and have some 80-year-old lady making ten bucks an hour strap a measuring tape across your boobs, and ... no. Not happening.

For years I've been a 36B, except evidently I'm probably ACTUALLY a 38D or something, but you know what? I'll never know. Some things remain a mystery.

Domestic Kate said...

If you're not used to wearing sports bras, they'll probably feel tight or uncomfortable. And feeling like a boy? Yep. That's the point. But you want to know what's more uncomfortable? Being a 34DD and trying to run a half marathon with Baywatch-style breast bouncing the entire time. Hopefully that image helps explain why they're made the way thy are.

If all you really need is a racerback style, there are plenty of regular bras that are racerback or have interchangeable straps. Also, racerback workout tank tops often have a shelf bra built in, and if you don't need support and control, that might be enough for you.

I'm planning to write a blog post someday about measuring bra sizes actually :) Thanks for reminding me!

rockygrace said...

Kate, I look forward to that post!

~~Silk said...

I can't get the freakin' things on! They get stuck between the underarms and top of the breast, and then I can't get 'em up or down. By the time I get everything in place, I'm panting and sweaty and too tired to exercise. The last one I tried wearing, I removed with scissors.

If it's just keeping the shoulder straps in place temporarily, I tie or pin a string or elastic from strap to strap high on my back. Done and done. Painless and cheap.

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, I'm glad it's not just me having problems, here.

James P. said...

Hi, I sent you an e-mail last night about a bra-strap holder-togetherer (?) which comes under Bra Accessories on you may have deleted it thinking it was from some perv. Anyway, it's for the strap-slipping-off-shoulders problem. Ginny F.

rockygrace said...

Ginny F., that's exactly what happened - I was like, "Ew - spam!" and deleted it. Thanks for the heads-up - and for the advice!

I'm glad you're still reading!

Clara Snyder said...
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