Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wait ... he's got WHAT?!?! Part 2

Ah, PonyBoy. The cat of many surprises had yet another one up his sleeve last night.

We went back to the vet for a re-check. Eye? Looks good. Just continue with the sixty-dollars-a-month eyedrops, thankyouverymuch. Ears? Free of infection, if still gunky and in need of once-a-week cleanings, which should be entertaining. Temperature?

Well, the vet tech went to take his temperature and discovered he has ...

a tapeworm.

Oh sweet Mary Mother of God, the cat has a TAPEWORM.


You know what? At this point, I'm half expecting him to sprout rainbows out of his nose, because God knows HE'S GOT EVERYTHING ELSE.



Anonymous said...

He's a fixer-upper. Luckily, worms are easy to clear and if all the cats are wormed at once (and stay flea-free), you should be ok.

But rainbows out his nose would be cool...

- bridgett

rockygrace said...

Oh my God, bridgett, it gets better. After the vet treated Pony with Profender, I explained to her that I had two other cats at home (well, actually, I have a LOT MORE than that right now, but I have two cats who are exposed to Pony) who would also need worm meds, and she REFUSED TO SELL IT TO ME. She said that they would have to come in for check-ups, at forty-three dollars each, before she could let me buy wormer for them. And I can't buy it on line because it's prescription only, and she won't give me a prescription without seeing the cats.

I mean, I can (hopefully) get some through the rescue group, but JEEZUS CHRIST. Cut me a break, here.

Anonymous said...

I would be a "bad" cat owner and head to Walmart for the worming tabs. They're half the price of the prescription meds, have the same active ingredient (probably), and don't come with an eighty-six buck surcharge.

- b

Becs said...

Jeez, she sounds like an ass. And that's being unkind to asses. Because your cats are older, you could probably go with an OTC but I hope the rescue group comes through for you.

As least you now know who your problem child is going to be - Soda.

rockygrace said...

b and Becs, yeah, OTCs are the go-to if the rescue group can't hook me up. It used to be that there was no effective non-prescription med for tapeworm, but now there's praziquantel (sp?), which from what I'm reading is pretty good.

and Becs, I have nothing against vets making a good living. They've got student loans to pay back, too. And she apologized, saying it was her group's "policy". But it's not like I was asking for kitty crack or something, it's WORM MEDS. Gah.

Becs said...

RG - I just got back from a harrowingly expensive trip to the vet with Taylor. I know everybody has to make a living but they don't have to shake you by the ankles until all the pennies roll out of your pockets. I feel a bit punch drunk at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a bind. I feel for her about the student loans and I also understand that professional services cost money, but in such a situation (and in such times as we live in), a multi-cat discounted treatment policy would both be humane, cost-effective, and loyalty-enhancing. The last thing you want is for people to start avoiding the vet because they know they are going to get soaked. (See also "why I no longer go to the dentist.")


rockygrace said...

Becs, that's it - the nickle-and-diming.

and b, yeah, I used to go to a vet where, if I brought in both my cats at the same time, he'd only charge me for one office visit. I stuck with him for YEARS.

p.s. I hear ya on the dentist. Amazingly, right now I'm spending more at the vet. *sigh*