Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Okay, first of all, scroll down, because I put a post up this morning before BIG! NEWS! came my way.

Now. Are you ready for my BIG! NEWS!?

As some of you may know, I let my cats outside. *ducks* And that is why I had to adopt Pony and Soda from a rescue group quite a ways away - all of the local rescue groups insist that you keep adopted pets inside. Pony and Soda were already indoor/outdoor cats when they came into the care of the far-away rescue, and so that rescue group was willing to allow me to adopt them.

Actually, I HAVE been keeping Soda and Pony inside - I wanted to get the situation with Pony's eye cleared up before letting them out. But tomorrow is (hopefully) his last vet checkup, and if all is well, this weekend I will start letting them out.

But I had a dilemma. I have a foster, Tinks, who, due to belonging to a local rescue group, must remain inside. And I knew that, realistically, there was really no way to keep him in while letting my two out. I mean, Tinks is already scratching at the doors, along with my guys, trying to get out. And Tinks was an outdoor cat before he came into rescue care. It's inevitable that he would slip out while I was letting the other two in or out.

So I emailed the FC, explaining that as far as I could see, there were three options.

1. They could move Tinks to another foster home, so as not to risk him getting outside.

2. I could keep him as a foster, with the understanding that he may get outside.

3. I could adopt him myself, with the understanding that he would be an indoor/outdoor cat (if he so chose).

I explained that I would be perfectly fine with whatever they decided. The FC asked for a few days to think about what would be best for Tinks.

And guess what they decided?

... drum roll please ...

Option 3!

Welcome to the family, Tinks.

Ha. As it turns out, rules (adopted cats must be kept inside at all times) are evidently bendable when they've got a cat who is no longer a kitten, has been up for adoption for months, is extremely shy, and who did not work out at his one attempt at a home placement.

Can you believe nobody wanted this guy? Me neither.


Robyn said...

Oh, that is awesome! Welcome home, Tinks, you beautiful beautiful boy. :)

Birdie said...

Yay! I never let my cat out for 6 years but he kept escaping. When he didn't escape he cried at the door. Loud yowling for hours. I finally just decided to let him out. He is happy. He has fun outside.

Becs said...

Welcome, Tinks! I'm happy for you all. Long may you safely roam.

rockygrace said...

Tinks already knows he's now a permanent member of the family - Soda tried to nudge him out of a food bowl last night, and Tinks growled at him - good boy!