Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More stuff bugging me.

So, I'm back to work after an awesome four-day weekend, and I'm feeling a little cranky, so here's what's bugging me lately:

Clients whose companies have long-ass addresses. I'm, like, "Hey, Bob, I'll need your mailing address for my records," and he's, all, "Sure! It's Robert J.Q. Altermain, and my company is Peterson Qualiata Sheldon and Napolitano LLC, 75 Preston Square Tower, Fifth Floor, Suite 201, 84657 South Beaufort Springs Street, Poughkeepsie, New York. Oh, and the zip is 13250-6732." Sheesh. Whatever happened to 75 Oak St.?

See also: People who get all cutesy when giving out their phone number. Instead of saying, "It's 591 (pause) 4322, they'll say, "It's 59 (pause) 143 (pause) 22." I want to PUNCH these assholes. Get with the RHYTHM, dammit.

People who call their pets their "fur babies." I'm sorry, I don't like it.

People who stand too close behind me in line. Jeezus Christ, standing two inches off my back will not make the line go any faster. What part of that do they not understand? Oh and for the love of Pete, take a damn bath.

Bloggers who usually post every day, but then put up a "very special post" and leave it hanging there for weeks. It ain't that special, honey.

See also: Bloggers who refer to themselves in the third person. Yuck.

Weed-n-Feed. I want my grass to grow slower, not faster. The LAST thing I wanna do is FEED it. That's just counterproductive.

How about you? Anything bugging you?


rockygrace said...

Also bugging me right now? FedEx, who let a package marked "keep refrigerated" sit on one of their panel trucks for three days over the holiday weekend. Thanks, FedEx, those eyedrops only cost sixty bucks a bottle!

And a mighty, sincere thank you to Wedgewood Pharmacy, who is replacing the eyedrops at no charge, even though this was in no way, shape or form their f*ckup. Thanks, Wedgewood!

Becs said...

1. Chicks who nuke parmesan-laden fake food in the work pantry right next to my cube.

2. Summer. Or anything like it.

3. Snobs.

4. Word verifications with foreign language symbols on them. The hell..? Are these in Polish or what?

Birdie said...

I call my cat a fur baby but only to his face. And I do give my phone number sort of like you say but I do it because when I say it any other way I get asked to repeat it. And yes, I hate long addresses.
Right now I hate that I have been feeling like I have the stomach flu. It has been a week now. meh

rockygrace said...

Becs, I hear ya on the smelly office food.

and Birdie, I hope you're feeling better soon.