Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hahaha, here we go with Craigslist again.

Okay, first off, scroll down to see an earlier post about a woman trying to unload kittens on Craigslist. At least, I think that's what she's trying to do. The listing is so poorly spelled, it's hard to say for sure.

Now, from an ad posted today on the local Craigslist:

"Hi there! I'm looking to have the total of twelve kitties my two cars had adopted to good homes."

Okay, she starts off pretty well, although I'm kind of surprised that her cars had kittens. But later in the ad, she describes them as "pretty stick kittens". At first I thought, oh no, she's trying to give away sick kittens, but in the photos they all look healthy, so maybe she meant "slick"? I really have no idea. And there is no email, phone no., or other way to contact her in the listing, which several people pointed out to her in subsequent postings.

And then someone asked,

"Where exactly did you get these kittens?"

at which point another helpful Craigslist viewer chimed in,

"Didn't you read the ad? Her cars had them."

Thank you, Craigslist, for my laugh of the day.


rockygrace said...

Oh hold on to your hats, guys, the plot is thickening:

Taken directly, verbatim, from a new listing on the local Craigslist:

"the lady has 12 kittens because she is getting kittens free on craigslist and is selling them for 20 on her
i gave her 4 yesurday then noticed the same kittens in the pic she was suppost to give me $10 for the gas to meet her and she took off without paying
she was a down right dirt bag"

Oh, Craigslist, you dog, you.

Zella said...

Priceless !

Becs said...

I don't see kitten futures on the commodities exchange, do you? Still, I suppose everything can be bought for one price and sold for a higher one.

Anonymous said...

Does she raise them for their fur? Or does she try to get them around major holidays like Easter and then they just get "too old" and then she tries to unload them? Or is she trying to get them "adopted" and then charging you a fee because "she wants to make sure you really care"?

Capitalism. I throw up my hands at you.

- bridgett

rockygrace said...

Oh you guys it's priceless - there's flame wars going on at the local Craigslist right now over this lady and her kittens. Or, you know, her cars' kittens. Ha.

and bridgett, all I can think of is that scene in that Michael Moore doc where the woman is trying to sell rabbits for "pets or meat."

We (at the rescue groups) have no problem re-homing kittens this time of year. They are adopted out as fast as they come in. People who wanted kittens for Christmas are chafing at the bit. The problem comes in July, when everybody who wants a kitten already has one, and the kittens still not adopted are, like you said, too old. Like Tinks - He is a gorgeous, friendly young cat, but at eight months old he's "too big". *sigh*

- end of lecture -

(When did I become a zealot? Sheesh - NOT appealing.)

Anonymous said...

We got our "too big" cat in August -- but we also had an enthusiastic five year old that would have maybe wooled a smaller kitty too much. A bigger young cat was perfect for us and thankfully, the shelter matchmaker steered us in that direction.


rockygrace said...

bridgett, you are a good and kind person.

People are sometimes reluctant to discuss what they want in a cat in detail with shelter workers, which is a shame.

Do you work a lot and want a cat who doesn't want a lot of attention? A cat who just want a quiet place to snooze? We have those!

Do you want a blue-eyed cat? A green-eyed cat? A cat who looks just like the cat you had as a kid? We have those! And if we don't, we can research databases of rescue cats to help you find one.

Do you want a cat who loves dogs but can't stand other cats? We have those!

Do you want to let your cat outside, despite the fact that most shelters say they will not adopt to anyone who lets their cats outside? We can help you find a cat.

Seriously, you name the situation, we can find the perfect cat for you. Don't ever be afraid to ask!

(bridgett, I know that you know this. I am shamelessly using your comment as an educational starting point. I'll send any royalties your way.)