Friday, May 18, 2012

The Difference

Pony and Tinks with a new toy:

Soda with the same new toy:

It's like having a junior Godzilla as a cat.

and he's like this for everything. When Pony makes biscuits? He's all, *knead* *knead* *knead*. When Soda makes biscuits? He starts out with *knead* *knead* *knead*, and then he's digging to China, and pretty soon he's got his back legs churning, and it's just about then that he explodes and goes tearing off into another room as fast as he can run. It's like total-body-workout-biscuit-making.

He's just ... exuberant. Or crazy. Either one.


Becs said...

My cat Dylan, even at the great age of 12, does a victory lap when he gets out of the litter box sometimes.

rockygrace said...

As well he should.