Friday, May 11, 2012

Bottle Babies

I got an email from the FC the other day. Would I be available to kitten-sit this weekend?

Oh boy, kittens! Sure! They can stay in the spare room!

Reading the email, I learned that there are five of them.

ummmmm ....

Five, two-week-old, orphaned kittens.


Who need to be bottle-fed every three hours. Around the clock.

Hoo boy.

Yeah ... I thought about it for a minute. Mainly, I wondered if this lady was out of her mind, entrusting five teeny-weeny kittens to ME. Me, who has never bottle-fed or burped or pooped a kitten before. (When they're that small, you have to MAKE them poop and pee. Did you know that? It's GROSS.)

So I closed my mail, and I was thinking about her request, and I was stalling for time, and I started browsing around my bookmarked sites, still mulling over the invitation, and I came upon Britt. And she had a post up about the 7 habits of happy people. Now, I consider myself a pretty happy person, bitch-fests posted here notwithstanding, but I thought I'd read the post anyway. And the first habit of happy people?

Happy People Say Yes.

When an invitation to try something new comes their way, they say yes.

And I thought, absolutely. You never know unless you try, right? And maybe it'll lead to something great, or maybe it'll just be a happy one-off, or maybe you might not like it at all and never ever want to do it again, but you've got one more new thing that you've tried. One more new thing you can say to yourself that you did.

And so I emailed the FC back, and I said yes. Yes!

This weekend, I will have five bottle babies staying with me.

The FC sent a picture:

Wish me luck!


Laura said...

Good luck!

Becs said...

Sucker! Oh, erm... good luck!