Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Craigslist strikes again!

Ad in yesterday's Pets section of the local Craigslist:

"As fate would have it my van broke down Saturday evening. As my husband was evaluating the damage my 3 year old son found 3 little kittens that someone had so cruely abandoned (box and all) in the woods away from any shelter or food. We couldnt leave them there regardless of whether or not we were walking or not. So now I have 3 little kittens (not sure of their genders) that need GOOD loving homes. These kittens were given a second chance and we are looking for their perfect "forever" families."

The ad goes on, but you get the idea. Unfortunately, two of the several pictures that were included in the ad were clearly date-stamped 05/11/12, two weeks BEFORE these poor little waifs were supposedly found in the woods. Oooops!

You know, I can appreciate a good con as much as the next person. But the blatant stupidity of the scammers on Craigslist is just ... disheartening, somehow. Buck up your game, liars! Yeesh.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. What's the angle? Do people really put up "earnest money" to demonstrate that they have what it takes to be good pet owners? I just don't see how someone could make any money on this scam, what with there being a huge oversurplus of cats in the world.

= B

rockygrace said...

In this case, I'm pretty sure that she didn't bother to get her cat spayed, the cat got preggers, and now she's got kittens to get rid of. She figured people would be more likely to adopt them if she came up with a good sob story. And she's probably right - I'm just not real fond of people who mess up (fail to spay the family cat) and then try to get rid of the results (kittens) by lying about what happened.

And she could have used just the non-date-stamped photos (there were some in the post), but she didn't even bother to do that. Too much work.

~~Silk said...

(The date-stamp on my camera is wrong. I just never bothered to reset it.)

rockygrace said...

I just figured that with a three-year-old, she'd know how to work a camera.

And she said the kittens were found in a box in the woods, which struck me as odd. People who abandon kittens in a box usually leave them somewhere where they know they'll be found.

I don't know, I could be wrong. I guess I'm just jaded by all the insanity/stupidity I see on Craiglist. And of course, I hope those kittens find homes, no matter where they came from. That's all that really matters here.