Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well, Hello, Betty Sue

Meet the latest inductee into RockyCat's Kitty Weight Loss Camp, Betty Sue:

Betty Sue, along with another cat and two dogs, was dropped off at a local emergency pet shelter which opened after the September flooding. The owner came back for the dogs, but left the cats behind, and repeated attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful. Bastid.

I was told that Betty Sue was being bullied by the other cats in her foster home, including the cat she came in with, and I was asked if I would take Betty Sue, to give her a little reprieve. Okay, I said, as long as it's on a short-term basis. (I'm not doing long-term care at this time.) Betty Sue also has some medical issues (IBS) which need to get straightened out before she's adopted.

So on Saturday, Betty Sue came to my place, wherein she evidently underwent a complete personality transformation, because now she's the bullier. Poor little Romeo and Mouse were terrified at first, but now they're learning to stand up for themselves. It's actually pretty fascinating to watch the dynamics at play, as the cats learn each other's boundaries. The boys just want to play, which Betty Sue, being older, is wary of. If anybody gets too near she throws a hissy fit, which scares the crap out of the boys. At first Romeo and Mouse wouldn't even be in the same room with Betty Sue unless I was there, but things are improving. I only step in if things get nasty. And I'm going to break Betty Sue of this bully-business right quick, because being a bitch won't help her any when she goes to a new home. Of course, all cats need to define and defend their ground, but there's no need for bloodshed. Betty.

And yeah, she's on the weight-loss plan, too. You can't really tell it by that pic, but her face is tiny. Tiny. You can tell she was meant to be a petite gal, and instead, well ... when I pick her up I grunt. Not to worry - we'll get her back to fighting weight.

Bad-ass Betty. Heh.


Badass Nature Girl said...

LOL, "Bad ass Betty"? maybe she needs to be my cat. :oD

Suniverse said...

We have an enormous cat we got from the humane society years ago. Well, she was a tiny kitten then. I'm thinking of making her hit the treadmill, but it's got a weight limit.

rockygrace said...

BNG, you two would make quite the pair. :)

and Suniverse, they could make "cat lifting" an Olympic event, like weight lifting. Or hey! That could be the next workout craze. Me and Betty Sue'll crank out an instructional DVD and make a fortune.