Friday, January 20, 2012

Doin' the Kitty-Cat Shuffle

Betty Sue, my most recent foster, was feeling poorly. (Don't worry - Nobody dies in this post.) Sometimes she'd act okay, and sometimes she'd sit all hunched up, like she was in pain. She was on steroids for suspected IBS, but the vet wasn't sure that was the correct diagnosis. And when it got so she was hardly eating, I called the foster coordinator. Who decided that Betty Sue could use a little observation. So Betty Sue went back to the FC's for a visit. And in return, I got Molly.

Molly is ten years old. Her elderly owner went to live with a daughter who owned dogs. Molly did not care for the dogs. And so, BAM, into the foster system she went. *sigh* I would like to expound a little bit on the necessity of having a contingency plan for your pets should something happen to you, but I'll save the lecture for another post. Aren't you glad?

Like most new fosters, Molly spent the first twenty-four hours or so hidden under the bed in the spare room. And then she started making furtive exploratory forays out into the rest of the house. I think she may have cataracts - her eyes have an almost-cloudy, sorta-scratchy look. But it doesn't seem to bother her. So far Romeo and Mouse are giving her space, unlike poor Betty Sue, whom they delighted in tormenting. So far ... we'll see how it goes.

And poor Molly, I'll try to stop singing "Good golly Miss Molly, sure likes to ba - oops, sorry honey" to you. Honest. I need another song with the name "Molly" in it. Anybody got any suggestions?


~~Silk said...

Molly Malone, everybody knows this one.

Molly Smiles (

Molly Smiles, different song from above (

Molly Pitcher, revolutionary war (

Milly Molly Song, children's friendship song (

Molly Bawn, traditional Irish (

Molly's Lips, by Nirvana.

Molly's Chambers, Kings of Leon

Molly Molly, The Jerk Theory

There seems to be some kind of rule that if the song mentions a woman, her name must be in the title.

Anonymous said...

The exception is Richard Thompson's song Vincent Black Lightning, which is about a beautiful biker chick named Molly and a really old fast motorcycle.

Stress might be triggering a recurrent virus -- my cat gets cloudy eyes from some funk she picked up in the shelter before I got her.


Zazzu said...

People who foster animals are living saints. Seriously.

Molly Malone would be my go-to song in this case but, I admit, I'd be making up my own songs and annoying the household with them.

rockygrace said...

I must be living on Mars, because the only one of those songs I knew was Molly Malone, and I didn't even know I knew THAT one until I went to youtube.

Bridgett, thanks for the heads-up on the virus thing - and here I was thinking she was the first foster I'd gotten who WASN'T sick ...

and Zazzu, fostering is a blast. It's such a good time.* But I'll go ahead and put "living saint" on my resume anyway. :) And I've been known to make up a song or two in my time ...

Oh, and Romeo and Mouse may be going to the Petsmart adoption center this weekend. Nooooo. I hate to see them go, but it's their best chance to get adopted, so ...

and Oh! Before I forget! How on earth did Good Golly, Miss Molly get to be a hit back in the fifties with those LYRICS?!! Boggles the mind.

*Except for the whole "cleaning-litterboxes" thing. That is in no way, shape or form a good time.

~~Silk said...

Good golly, Lady, it's the RHYTHM! The beating beat. It was a blast to dance to. Who listened to the lyrics?

(P.S. - once upon a time, ballin' meant partying, as in having a ball. Sorta like when "gay" meant happy, and "intercourse" meant social conversation. Can't imagine what today's kids think was going on in Victorian novels.)

rockygrace said...

So THAT's how it got past the censors.