Friday, January 27, 2012

Romeo's heart

So THAT'S why they named him Romeo.

Great news! Romeo and Mouse, after less than a week at the adoption center, are getting adopted this morning! All paperwork has been completed, and their new family is coming to get them at 9 a.m. I stopped at Petsmart on my way in to work to say a quick goodbye. Bye-bye, guys! Have fun in your new home!

Oh, and in other cat news, Molly was SUPPOSED to go to the adoption center this morning, but she presented a mighty struggle against the carrier and I was not able to take her in. *sigh* Your turn is coming, Molly. Your turn is coming.

The trouble with Molly is that she does not want to be picked up. She LOVES to sit in your lap and purr, but as soon as you try to pick her up, she flips out. I don't know if her former owner, an elderly lady, picked her up and dropped her once and now she's scared, but a cat who can't be picked up presents a bit of a problem, so they are going to have to work with her at the adoption center on that little quirk.

Provided, that is, I ever manage to get her into a carrier to get her to the center. I think reinforcements are going to be needed.

Oh, and if anybody has any suggestions on how to pick up a cat who does not want to be picked up, thankyouverymuch, please let me know.


Robyn said...

I'll be stalking your comments to find out if anyone's got a solution to this one! I've only had a few who fought back, and dropping a small blanket over them, scooping them up, and shoving them in the carrier works, but ideally there'd be a less traumatic way to go about it. (Less traumatic for me AND the cat, that is!)

Robyn said...

PS: Yay, Romeo and Mouse!!!

rockygrace said...

Robyn, yeah, I thought about the blanket trick, but not until AFTER she had already wedged herself under a (very heavy, not easily moved) bed. At that point I figured she'd had enough trauma for one morning. (Me too.)

I think most people probably want a cat they can pick up from time to time (cuddling, vet visits, etc.) so she really needs to be worked with on this. I had just started working with her when the call came that space had opened up at the adoption center. (And space is at such a premium there, that when they've got room, we GO.) I did fill in the adoption center peeps this morning, so they'll be able to work with her on the picking-up thing when she gets there.

After she had her hissy fit this morning, I left the carrier on the bed so she could get used to it - maybe I should have done that earlier? It's just that I've had cats in the past who freaked OUT at the sight of the carrier, so I wasn't sure if I should bring it out beforehand.

*sigh* It's complicated!

And yes, yay, Romeo and Mouse! Oh, you should have SEEN them this morning - Romeo was romping all over the place, and even timid little Mouse was out and about - he's come a long way! Let's see, it's eleven here, so they should be exploring their new home right about now.

Becs said...

Sorry to say, this has taken years. I have two girl kitties who do not like being picked up. At least once a day, I would go over to them, pet them, and put one hand just under their bellies while still petting them.

This went on and on, scootching under them until finally I was able to get hold of them in a gentle way.

Then I started lifting them ever so slightly. If they panicked, I let them down but kept petting them.

There are also bribes and distractions. My cats love Whiskas treat like a junky loves crack, so some nibbles after the trauma seems to make up for it.

Thank God I have no other life but the one I have with my cats.

One of my nastiest, meanest cats looks at the carrier when it's time to go the vet. I say, "Get in and take your tail with you." She hops in and I zip up the carrier. There are miracles in the world, I suppose.

rockygrace said...

Becs, thanks for your advice! And I envy you the cat who voluntarily waltzes into the carrier - outside of kittens, I've never, ever had a cat do that.