Monday, January 23, 2012

Cats in cages

On Saturday, the rescue group I volunteer with held an adoption event at the local Agway.

It's so funny - the first thing a lot of people do when they see the cats is whip out their cell phones and start taking pictures. So, of course I got out MY camera and took a picture of THEM. I wonder if someone was taking a picture of me taking a picture of them taking pictures of the cats?

The weather was awful and the roads were terrible, so I was really surprised at the number of people who came out. And we got adoption applications on three kittens! Yay! Unfortunately, none of them were for Romeo and Mouse. Boo.

So it was off to Petsmart with the boys. Oh, I felt awful. I DO NOT LIKE seeing cats in cages, especially young ones. But I did a shift at the adoption center on Sunday, so I was able to take them (and the other cats there) out of their cage so they could play for a while. Lots of people were interested in them at Petsmart. If they don't get adopted after a couple of weeks, they'll come back to stay with me for a while. Of course I'm torn. I WANT them to get adopted, but geez, the house sure is quiet ...

and how is Molly? Oh, it took Miss Molly all of about two minutes on Saturday to decide that she liked the house MUCH BETTER without those annoying damn kittens in it. I even got her chasing like crazy after the laser pointer - a ten year old cat playing like a maniac. THAT was fun. She's still pretty grumpy a lot of the time, poor old girl. And she gets overstimulated - If I pay attention to her for too long, she'll start to hiss and swat at me. Easy, cat!

Here she is on my lap:

Let's see if I've got a better shot of those pretty green eyes.

There. Green eyes.

So there's your weekend cat update. You're welcome. Heh.


Birdie said...

My cat actually likes his cage. He is weird though.

rockygrace said...

Oh man, when I had the boys out at Petsmart yesterday, Romeo was having a blast, but poor Mouse just trying to get back in the cage. I guess he felt safe in there.

Becs said...

She's a beauty.

Then again, I think they all are. Even my scruffy pot-bellied one-eyed Taylor.

rockygrace said...

You've got a one-eyed cat? That's awesome.