Friday, January 06, 2012

Sign o' the times

So, last weekend I went to Oakley for a walk. Trail signs range from the rustic:

To the more recent plastic disks:

But I have to admit, Sunday was the first time I've seen these in the woods:

A metal highway sign, out the middle of several hundred acres of state lands. At first I thought it was a joke, but as I continued walking, I saw a bunch of them, used as trail markers. I don't know, maybe they're more cost effective, but it seems like a giant metal sign has got to be more expensive than a little plastic disk. And somehow it just takes away from the ambiance, ya know? If I want to look at highway signs, I'll head for I-86. Sheesh.

What's next? Traffic lights? Crosswalks? Oh man.


~~Silk said...

I wouldn't mind "deer crossing" signs.

(Heh! Verification word is "hydambi". I initially read it like "high bambi". If ya'll got them there, you NEED the deer crossing signs.)

Laura said...

Ha! There's a bike trail I love with metal mile marker signs. I'm guessing they were free or cheap because the first mile is posted as something like 216.

Rob said...

What an organized forest.