Thursday, January 05, 2012

Questions. I haz them.

1. What the heck is a "charger plate"? A plate to put your food plate on? Why?

2. If I haven't been working out for a while, and then I start up again, on Day 2, I'm so sore I can barely get out of bed. Why do they never show Day 2 on The Biggest Loser? Here's a bunch of overweight, out-of-shape people, working out on Day 1 until they puke, but you never see them all moaning and groaning and crawling out of bed the next day. I wonder why?

3. Do you work out when you're sick? I mean, obv, if you're flat on your back with the flu, you're not up to working out, but what about if you've got a head cold? And what about if you're injured? Do you work out anyway?

4. Similarly, do you go to work when you're sick? Not talking about throwing-up kind of sick, but just general feeling-like-shit kind of sick. My work does not offer sick days, so I generally prefer to dose myself up with Dayquil and go make some money rather than stay home and have to take a vacation day. How about you?

5. Okay, since I can't seem to get off this particular subject, how about Mental Health days? Do you ever skip work? Maybe I'm confessing my dweebiness, here, but I've never done it. Have you? Was it amazing? Did you feel guilty? Were you all, "Hell YEAH, let's do it again tomorrow!"?

6. Ever quit a job?

Okay, let's get off the sick-and-work thing.

7. Ever broken a law? I mean, other than the bullshit ones, like underage drinking and smoking pot and ... whoops. Shutting up now. Feel free to comment anonymously on this one.

Okay, I think I've duggen myself a big enough hole, here. Let's hear some answers!


Domestic Kate said...

3. If I'm getting over cold (not starting one), sometimes I exercise. Usually, though, I try to rest. It isn't bad for you to exercise as long as you feel up to it. It won't prolong a cold.

4. I'll go to work sick. Everyone says not to, but your employer generally expects you to. The only exception was when I had a supervisor who was adamant about not getting sick/spreading germs.

5. I've never taken one only because I haven't really felt the need (and my jobs have never offerred them), but a friend of mine took a personal day when she woke up one day and thought she had herpes.

~~Silk said...

1. Chargers are used at formal dinners (i.e. those with wait staff) for three reasons. a) decoration under plain china, b) it makes the table look finished when the guests arrive at the table, not so bare, and c) it keeps the spot where the staff wants to put the next plate free from utensil clutter.

2. Never watch BL, but personally I never work out until it hurts.

3. Nope.

4. Nope. But we had unlimited sick days with a note from our Mommies, er, doctors if it went over two days.

5. Yup. On those occasional days when I didn't want to get out of bed, I didn't.

6. Yup. I resigned from teaching twice, and from IBM twice (with no loss of accrued benefits) before eventually retiring.

7. Except for driving stuff and in states that still have stupid sex laws technically on the books, nope. Oh, wait, I have written checks before depositing the money to cover them. That's a federal offense. Never got caught. But if you're going to get caught, make it a federal crime. The prisons are nicer.

the queen said...

A charger is like a gold placemat.
I did qalk out of a telemarketing job once.

Becs said...

Breaking and entering. A boyfriend's apartment. Back 30 years ago, when the cray-cray had a sick hold on me.

Domestic Kate said...

I didn't have time to answer this one this morning:

6. Several times. Not counting jobs I had to leave because of military moves, I've quit 9 jobs. Can't work at Baskin Robbins forever.

rockygrace said...

So, it looks like we've all walked out on jobs. I thought I was the only person who ever quit IBM, until I read ~Silk~'s comment.

And Becs, I knew we could count on you! With all the crazy crap I pulled when I was younger, it's a wonder I *didn't* end up in jail. I did get charged with something once (not telling), but the charges were dropped. God, I was stupid.