Friday, February 27, 2009

Once Were Kittens

When they were kittens:

The cats are nine months old now. Little Girl still looks like a kitten, but The Runt is a full-grown cat. At least, I hope he's full-grown; this cat is BIG. Not fat, just long and lean and ...... long.

Here is one of the kittens, at about five weeks old, playing on the scratching post (to be honest, I'm not sure if this is The Runt or one of his littermates):

Here is The Runt with that same scratching post now:

I busted out the scale the other night. Little Girl comes in at a (relatively) petite 8.2 lbs., and The Runt? 10.4 lbs.!!!

Hmmmm ....... maybe he's been talking to A-Rod.

Once were kittens. Once were baybeez.


Danger said...


rockygrace said...

If only scientists could genetically engineer them to stay tiny .....

the queen said...

This is KILLING me! Killing me woman! I want a kitten so much. Damn dog will never die.

rockygrace said...

You know what they say, queen: "The trouble with kittens .....

Naw, that's not true. These guys are still a riot, all grown up.