Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I ain't the worst that you've seen

I wrote earlier about the scary microwave in a house I looked at. Here's some highlights of other properties I've seen.

These were a set of basement "stairs", which could have been more accurately described as a ladder. The foundation wall behind the stairs consisted of stones that were popping out onto the floor:

Attic access (?):

What a view! Hmmm, there's a parking lot, and a gas station, and ......... a liquor store! How picturesque!:

I think they should have hired a professional for this job:

"Foyer"? Well, if you say so:

Keeeeeeeep looking. Just keeeeeeeep looking.


Bridgett said...

Or in the words of Dory the Fish in Finding Nemo:

Keep on swimmin', keep on swimmin'...

Hopefully, the realtor will not mistake you taking photos as an indication of interest in these "fine" estates.

rockygrace said...

I told him the pics were for my blog; I'm not sure he knew what I meant.

He laughs right along with me at some of the stuff we've looked at. He described one house as "a real piece of shit", which cracked me right up.

kitkat said...

I love realtors with a sense of humor. One house we looked at had a basement but no stairs or anything that would take you down there! You just opened the door, and there was this big drop off into oblivion. Scary. I love the view of the liquor store. So convenient!

Bridgett said...

We once visited a house that advertised an in-ground swimming pool. We looked around pool. We checked the address. Nope, right place. We got into the house and everything was crudded over with mold. Finally, the realtor pulled open the basement door to reveal -- you guessed it -- the "in-ground pool."