Friday, November 02, 2007

When I Go Off the Rails ......

........ the train not only jumps the tracks, it also skids across four lanes of interstate and ends up crashing into the local nuclear reactor.

Last night, I created most of the Denny's breakfast menu in my kitchen. Here's what happened:

I decided that I wanted breakfast for dinner. And I could not decide between an omelet and pancakes. So I made, and ate:

A three-egg, ham, cheese and onion omelet.
An english muffin with enough butter on it to drown someone.
Pancakes (again with the butter. And syrup. Lots of syrup).
Oh, and ice cream! For dessert!

And then I sat around for the rest of the evening like a beached whale, in a sugar stupor from the syrup, wondering, "why did I just do that?" I am a fairly small person, and by my calculations, I will not require any more caloric intake until sometime on Sunday afternoon.

Don't try this at home.


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! That makes me bloated just thinking about it. It does all sound yummy, though :)

listie said... might have been a time when I could have done that. I love breakfast for dinner. In fact, one day last week I had breakfast and then breakfast instead of lunch and then breakfast instead of dinner

Anonymous said...