Monday, November 26, 2007

Is This Even Possible?

My boss finally decided that today was the day to start the huge project he's been procrastinating about for months. And he's dragging me along for the ride, even though this is something he could just as easily complete on his own. Judging at the rate he's going (four pages of specs in two hours), this is going to take eight hours a day for ...... oh, the rest of the year. I am not kidding. My misery is intense.

The reason this sucks so badly is that while my boss may very well have marked off the entire month of December on his calendar to work on this project, I did not. Which means that in addition to all my regular work stuff, he expects me to sit with him on the computer (not literally! Grrroossss! (shiver)) for hour after hour and go through hundreds of pages of (incredibly boring) specs, word by word.

So ........ see ya soon! I hope!


Anonymous said...

You just KNOW it's possible and horrendous! I'm with you, I feel your pain!

Rockycat said...

We are now entering Day Two of Hell ... I just hope I make it out alive.